Goodbye Bristol, Hola Mexico!

Goodbye Bristol

After spending nearly three whole months in Bristol, Mitch and I are off again. I love Bristol, I always will. However, we have the opportunity to work and travel. Travelling is one of my passions and being able to do that while I earn a living is pretty damn awesome.

So for now, I wave goodbye to Bristol, my family, friends, and the good times I had in the past few months, and say hello to a new chapter for 2017.

Don’t worry Bristol, we’ll be back.

Hola, Mexico!

While Mexico didn’t feature on my places to visit in 2017, it’s the gateway to a country that was…Colombia. After deciding we wanted to travel, Colombia was high on my list. However, after researching flights, it’s not only expensive to get there, but also pretty far. All flights entailed at least one stopover. Some of the said stopovers were in Mexico. Perfect. If we want to continue onto Colombia, Mexico provides us with a good route. On the other hand, it’s also an amazing country to explore and has some great border countries which I’ve heard excellent things about (Belize, Guatemala).

It’s a part of the world we’ve never set foot in, which makes it both extremely exciting and scary at the same time. Thanks to some lovely friends, a great network of travel bloggers and snazzy new Lonely Planet Guide, my head has been filled with the knowledge and basic geography to navigate our way around the country.

My friend and fellow travel blogger, Charlie, has shown how beautiful the country is.

How Long Will We Travel For?

A question many people ask us. Mitch and I will be travelling for approximately five months. I’d like to come back to the UK in the summer for a wedding and for us to evaluate how our life/travelling plans. This is the first time we’ve worked almost full-time while travelling but we’re looking forward to this opportunity as it gives us a chance to travel slower and see what adventures await us.

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