About me

Hello there!

My name is Helen, originally from Bristol in the UK, hence the name of the blog: Bristolian Backpacker. In 2014 I embarked on my first backpacking trip around Vietnam. I travelled alone and learnt a lot about myself and the world around me.

The next year I travelled around Eastern and Central Europe with my boyfriend, Mitch. During this trip I started the blog. It was originally intended to share my travel stories and experiences with friends and family back home. However, it has blossomed into something I love and want to share with everyone. You won’t find many travel guides here or the top 10 things to pack for Vietnam. However, you will find travel stories, adventures, and some advice along the way.

It’s me! In Xingping, China


About Mitch (My Boyfriend and Travel Companion)

Mitch and I met in 2013, find out more about how we met in this blog: Explore, Discover, Dream: How It All Began. Since then we’ve travelled a lot together and moved to China together in September 2015. Although I do all the blog writing, he takes most of the photos and is my proofreader, what a star. He is also a vlogger, he mainly talks about politics and travelling – Follow him on YouTube: The Ambling Bristolian.

Travel Companions and Bristolians - Drinking cider on The Great Wall of China
Travel Companions and Bristolians – Drinking cider on The Great Wall of China

Please follow my blog to keep up to date with our travels and contact me if you have any questions: bristolianbackpacker@gmail.com

Thanks for reading and happy travels!



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