Top 5 Travel Destinations for 2017

Since being home in Bristol I’ve met up with a lot of friends and the number one question is “When are you off again?” or equally as popular, “Where are you going in 2017?”

Truth be told, I have no current plans to travel in 2017, yet. In fact, 2017 is a total blank at the moment. There is a possibility of staying in Bristol, or moving elsewhere; I really don’t know. Whatever happens, there are certainly some travel destinations that I would love to visit in 2017. Lonely Plant has compiled their top list of travel destinations for 2017 and so here is my personal list of places I’d love to visit.

Bristolian Backpackers’s Top Destinations to Visit in 2017

1. The West of China

After living in China for ten months, I got to see some of the amazing beauty the country has to offer. Due to the sheer size of the country and working Monday to Friday, we only really got to explore the East of China and some of the South during our time living there. The West and North is unknown territory which I would love to go back and explore.

Xingping, China. One of my favourite places. There are so many more places I want to visit in China.

2. Scotland

A road trip around Scotland isn’t usually high on travel bucket lists, but I’ve found myself learning a lot about Scotland recently and the country has so much to offer. From cities to countryside to beaches, you can even see the Northern Lights from up in the Highlands. I can’t drive but am going to rectify that soon. Scotland is very accessible for me so, who knows, perhaps it could be one of the places I do visit in 2017.


 3. Colombia

A country which was relatively unknown to me until this year. I know a few people who have visited Colombia and, after looking at some stunning photography and hearing some great tales, it looks like an amazing place to visit.


4. Italy

I love food. After eating ALL of the Mexican food in Texas, I think I should now go to Italy and eat ALL the Italian food. Give me pizza, pasta, gelato and let me turn into Elizabeth Gilbert in Eat, Pray, Love who puts on a ridiculous amount of weight while in the country. There are numerous cities I would adore to visit: Rome, Venice, Florence… the list goes on.

I love food.

5. Canada

We spent a total of four days in Vancouver this year which was simply not enough for Vancouver, let alone Canada. I was immediately captivated by the combination of mountains and city in close proximity. Much like China, Canada is huge and there is so much I’d love to see. Some of Mitch’s family live in Canada, and so I can’t help but think this is an opportunity awaiting us!

Vancouver, you beauty.

Where Do You Want to Visit In 2017? What Are Your Top Travel Destinations?

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