5 Must-Dos Before I Leave Mexico

With less than 2 weeks left before we leave Mexico, here are some must do’s before we hop on our plane.

Eat More Fresh Fruit

There is so much fresh fruit here and it’s delicious! While we’ve taken advantage and bought fresh fruit for breakfast and veggies for our dinner, I definitely want to eat more before we leave. It’s not only the freshness but the cheapness as well. I’ll miss cheap avocados and mangos when I’m back in Bristol.

Swim in a Cenote

The last part of our trip is in the Yucatan Peninsula. This region has a lot of cenotes – natural pools of water, often in caves, where you can go swimming. ThereĀ are a few around Tulum which we haven’t had a chance to visit but we’re heading to Valladolid on the weekend where there are meant to be some more. In his heat, I can’t wait to cool off!

Note: Between writing and publishing this post I did visit a Cenote. The one above is by Ek Balam. It was wonderful!

Buy Some Souvenirs

When you travel for a long amount of time it’s really difficult to buy souvenirs. You don’t want to carry everything around with you. After travelling around Europe, I bought a postcard from each country which was a nice souvenir. I’ve done the same for each country we’ve been to since. There are some great things here which I’d love to buy. Mitch and I will be moving in together in October so a few things for the home will be nice.

I think Mitch would like one of these retro Volkswagon beetles we’ve been seeing everywhere. Highly unlikely it’ll fit on the plane.

Sit on the Beach and do Nothing

After enjoying the beach in Tulum on the weekend I realised I need some more of it before we leave. Thankfully, our last stop in Mexico is Isla Holbox. After reading about the island, I realised we simply had to go. I intend to sit on the beach, listen to my Harry Potter audio book and take in the last of the Mexican sun (while wearing my factor 50 suncream, obvs).

Beach Please!

Eat all the Food

The fact that two things on my list are about food says a lot about me. Mexican food is amazing and there isn’t much ‘real’ Mexican food in the UK. This means we need to eat all the tacos, refried beans and enchiladas before we leave. I’m sure it can be done.


Do you have any recommendations for while we’re still here in Mexico?

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