Are You Getting Married Abroad?

Since returning back to Bristol over a month ago from Bulgaria, life has been busy. I thought November was going to be a quiet month, but, something happened.

After nearly four years together, Mitch (AKA The Ambling Bristolian) and I decided that it was about time we made a promise to each other.

Yes, that’s an engagement ring!

The following days and weekend were spent celebrating with family and friends. We were pretty overwhelmed with congratulations and love (thanks, everyone). Nobody tells you quite how many questions you get asked when you get engaged. How did it happen? Did he get on one knee? When are you getting married? But, another question which other couples probably don’t get quite as much was:

Are you getting married abroad?

I can see why the question is appropriate to the Bristolian Backpacker and the Ambling Bristolian. Mitch and I have spent the majority of our relationship outside of the UK. We love travelling, so, it makes sense that people will want to know if we’re heading back to Mexico or Montenegro for our wedding.

The answer is no.

Thanks for the decorations, mum

Why Aren’t You Getting Married Abroad?

It’s a good question. The average wedding abroad is said to set you back less than £7000, while the average UK wedding costs a cringe-worthy £27,000! It makes sense to hop on a plane to save £20,000. But, there are lots of reasons not to have our wedding abroad.

Firstly, while the cost of a wedding is cheaper abroad, it’s not necessarily cheaper for wedding guests. Weddings are expensive enough for guests as it is, I don’t want everybody to have to spend even more money just to travel. Secondly, we have some family and friends who are probably too old and don’t want to travel 5000 miles. We do it a lot, but a fair few people don’t want to.

Finally, and most importantly, Bristol is both mine and Mitch’s home. It’s where we met and where we are currently based. I love this city and there are some cracking places to get married with amazing backdrops.

Why wouldn’t we want to get married in this beautiful city?

Does This Mean the Travelling Stops?

Of course not! I agree that planning a wedding and travelling doesn’t work so well together, but a honeymoon and a wedding do! There are a few trips in the pipeline and, while back in the UK, there are plenty of places we’re eager to explore closer to home. We may not be travelling right now, but life is still pretty exciting!

Have you ever been to a wedding abroad? Did you like it?


  1. Cate Hamilton says:

    Congratulations from your friends in Texas! Best wishes to you both!

    1. Thanks Cate! We’re very excited.

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