Exploring the Pubs of Bristol

Now that Mitch and I are living in Bristol for a while, we’re keen to explore our hometown some more. One of the additions to our home is the Pub stops of Bristol poster. Alas, ours is a tad out of date. Nevertheless, it’s a great way to explore new areas of Bristol and visit new pubs.

The black dots indicate the ones that we’ve already visited. You’ll notice that they become less frequent the further out of Bristol you go.

Neither Mitch nor I can drive yet so we’ve been walking to these pubs and exploring new suburbs of Bristol that we’ve never walked through before. Walking an hour to a pub makes that pint of cider much more worthwhile. We’re marking off each pub as we visit it with the aim to visit all of them.

Where do the Pub Walks Take Us?

So far, we’ve had the joy of walking to Clifton, Redland, Winterbourne and Westbury-on-Trym. Naturally, most of the pubs in the city centre we’ve already had the pleasure of visiting. However, new pubs keep popping up all the time, giving us the opportunity to try new places very often. I can’t recall a time that I’ve ever been to Sea Mills or Easter Compton so a pub seems like a great excuse to walk to these areas of Bristol.

The Cambridge Arms. Never been there before, but now it’s ticked off the list.

Weather depending, we’d love to try a new one each week. Some of them are near enough that we can visit on a weeknight. Longer walks are planned for Saturdays and Sundays. If you want to join us on any of these explorative pub walks – let me know!

Why Pubs are a Great Way to Explore Bristol

Pubs are a very British thing. As I’ve travelled, I’ve realised quite how British I am. Using a Pub map to explore Bristol (or any town for that matter) is a great way to get a feel of a town. You can try local drinks, talk to landladies, or landlords and support local businesses. Mitch and I love a good pint of cider, so using pubs to visit new places seems like a genius idea.

Any Pub recommendations in Bristol?

By the time we’ve visited them all, our heads will be a fountain of Bristol pub knowledge. You’ll be jealous. No doubt that everyone will be knocking on our door for recommendations. One of my favourite hidden gems so far is the  Beaufort Arms in Clifton. It’s a very small pub full of locals but we managed to get 4 drinks for about £12… Need I say more?!

Sunday pub walks are the best

Thank you Pubstops of Bristol – I’m looking forward to exploring the rest!

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