To everyone: Merry Christmas


To everyone,

MERRY CHRISTMAS. Wishing you a happy and peaceful Christmas. I hope this year has been a good one for you all. I hope you’ve made the most of it, taken chances, and picked yourself up after any bad times. This year I’ve realised what taking chances can mean; it leads you to places you never imagined. I wish you and your family a most wonderful festive season.

Love and peace,

Helen xxx

I love to write Christmas Cards. Let me say that again, I LOVE to write Christmas cards. I carefully pick a card for a specific person (I’m very picky about cards), write a message inside, seal it with a wax-seal stamp on the envelope, and last year I even put some Christmas confetti inside. I’ve worked in two Christmas shops over Christmas, and I really did enjoy them both.

Anyway, this year I am in China. Due to a lack of celebration in this country, this year means no Christmas cards. Even if I bought the cards before I came, it would have cost a substantial amount to post them all. So to all my friends who usually receive a Christmas card, I apologise. 

Not only that, however, but I want to to tell you to make the most of your Christmas. Enjoy it and spend the time with those you love. This may seem obvious, but this is from somebody who won’t be spending Christmas at home.

On Christmas day I’ll be working, then going to our local bar to meet the other foreign teachers. The very kind bar owner has transformed his bar into a winter wonderland for us: decorations, a tree, and lots of lights. He’s going to get us food, drink, and has even installed karaoke for us all to sing Christmas songs. It’s totally different to any other Christmas I’ve had before, but I have no doubt that it’ll be fun.

I’ve spent every Christmas of my life in Bristol, always relaxing, eating, drinking and having a wonderful day spent with my immediate family. Although there aren’t many of us, my parents, sister, and Grandma, it’s a magical and wonderful day. Every year, my Uncle Gerry would always pop over after Church in the morning. We’d drink wine, eat nuts, and catch up. This year my uncle passed away not long before I moved to China. I feel sad that I won’t be at home this Christmas, for the first time where he won’t be here.

To everybody at home this Christmas, appreciate it. Spend the time with those you love, eat, drink, and be merry. Don’t worry about how many presents you give or receive, just remember to be kind and love those around you.

As I haven’t sent Christmas cards this year, I am following what my cousin has done and donating the money I would spend on Christmas cards to the Motor Neurone’s Disease association, in memory of my wonderful Uncle.

Merry Christmas everyone. Sending you love, peace and happiness.

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