56 Photos of Our USA Travels

For those who enjoy visuals, here is a selection of photos of our two month USA trip. Thanks to Mitch for many of the great photos.

Seattle, Washington

First ever Starbucks in Seattle – A busker entertains the queue
Observation deck from Columbia Center
Wandered through Discovery Park and found some lovely coast

Portland, Oregon

Talking a stroll by the river in Portland
We spent 20 minutes waiting for the famous VooDoo Doughnuts. If the bricks look sparkly it’s because they are.

San Fransisco, California

Seeing the Golden Gate bridge is obviously a reason to jump for joy
View of San Fransisco from the boat to Alcatraz

Hilly life in San Fransisco

Los Angeles, California

It’s small but you can see the Hollywood sign!
Being a tourist in Hollywood.



Missing the days where it was hot enough to wear this outfit. Enjoying the pier in Santa Monica.

Incredible sunset in LA

Phoenix, Arizona

Sunset over Phoenix
Suburban life
Rosson House in Heritage Square

Grand Canyon and Sedona

Spectacular views over The Grand Canyon
Amazing landscape in Arizona
Yay! Thanks to Hannah for taking us to The Grand Canyon

El Paso, Texas

The El Paso Museum of Art had an awesome exhibition

San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio has lovely canals

Beautiful church in San Antonio
“Remember the Alamo”

Austin, Texas

View from the top of Graffiti Hill
Spreading the love
Barton Spring Pool – Perfect on a sunny day

Houston, Texas

Not many photos from Houston but I had to take one of my fried chicken and waffle breakfast

Dallas & Fort Worth, Texas

Stockyards at Fort Worth



We spent Halloween in Dallas

Largest Honky Tonk in the world! A bit empty in the daytime…
Epic Ice Cream Float in Dallas

Outside the Dallas Museum

Memphis, Tennessee

Hometown of the King
Famous Beale Street at night
Beale Street in the daytime
Sunset view over Memphis

Nashville, Tennesse

Welcome to Tennessee!
Capitol Building, Nashville.
Broadway – Home of Country Music

Brief Stop in Kentucky

Hiiiii Kentucky

Atlanta, Georgia

We didn’t pay to go in but the building was impressive
Took a stroll around Atlanta

Miami, Floria

Reunited with the family in Miami
First dance as newlyweds!
We went in the sea – I didn’t want to get too wet.
Total Miami vibes


Washington DC

Capitol Building where we saw Mike Pence
It’s so small!
As close as you can get to the White House…

We were lucky enough to visit the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

New York, New York

Lovely Christmas tree in the New York library
Time Square at night
Hey, Lady Liberty!
One of my New York dreams: Ice Skating in Central Park
Gorgeous Autumnal colours in Central Park




Thanksgiving Day parade












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